Republicans hate social justice more than they love free markets

It’s not at all suprising to see a GOP politician hysterically fear-mongering about issues of social justice. What is a bit surprising is when they do so by framing deregulation and property rights as part of the nefarious left-wing conspiracy.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence

The Patterson-Gimlin “Bigfoot.” More credible than most of the president’s claims.

There’s a group of people I used to hold in contempt, for whom I now feel a higher degree of respect and sympathy. I’m talking about Bigfooters, or “Squatchers,” or whatever you want to call the folks who passionately hunt for the elusive cryptid. …

Even the least contentious online spaces require moderation

The moderators kindly ask you not to debate the health benefits of this product

In much the same way that a virus will mutate over time to increase its immunity against various treatments, so too do bad internet arguments.

Realizing how quickly the “big tech censorship” narrative crumbles under scrutiny, some defenders of Donald Trump and the “anything goes” social media app Parler have…

Add “free markets” to the far-right’s long list of enemies

Getty Images

There’s a growing disconnect between the more academic definitions of “Left” and “Right,” and what these labels are commonly understood to mean. If you ever attended a university and took an intro-level Poli-Sci class, you were probably taught that the political Right supports things like free markets, fiscal restraint, and…

Encourage supporters to act crazy, stupid, and bigoted, then play the victim when critics call you crazy, stupid, and bigoted.

Source: Philedelphia Inquirer

After a week of surprising victories followed by (sadly less surprising) chaos and violence, there has been some renewed speculation about the future of the Republican Party and the American Right more broadly. Following the election, the conventional wisdom had been that while President Trump was on his way out…

Contempt for the other side has little to do with policy

It’s almost become a cliché to state that we are living through unprecedented times. As Covid-19 continues its merciless resurgence, and the soon-to-be former president desperately tries to overturn a democratic election in what can only be described as a dictatorial coup attempt, it’s understandable that many of us would…

What really has a chilling effect on speech?

Everyone has that one uncle…

There’s a term that originally comes from the field of social psychology, but has since been co-opted by right-wing internet people. The term is “virtue signaling.” It’s typically used to mean something like “political correctness,” or the act of being sanctimonious about a particular social issue so that one can…

Vote for the one who will do the most good

A person who plans to raise your living standards (left) and a person who plans to lower them (right). (Source: AP)

What if the way we’ve been conditioned to judge presidential candidates is all wrong?

U.S. presidential politics leans heavily on personality. This fact was on gross display during the last debate (if you can even call it that), where an…

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