Interesting responses. Based on what I’m reading, I wonder why do many Marxists advocate for much more radical solutions (collectivizing the means of production, worker-owned firms, sometimes even the abolition of private property, etc.)? If “wage labor” ceases to be an issue as soon as people have a safety net that liberates them, it would follow, then, that a relatively free-market “capitalist” economy would be perfectly acceptable to a Marxist, so long as it’s augmented by a generous welfare state. I feel like many Marxists would not concede this, but I could be wrong.

These quotes from Marx I’m seeing also make me think that UBI should be much more popular among Marxists, as opposed to (what I consider) more fallible ideas like national jobs programs, etc. Seems like you could create a Marxist utopia without much central planning.

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Volunteer organizer. Humanist. Pragmatist. Public health advocate. Global citizen. Living that ADHD life. Part of the Greatest Generation (Millennial).

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