“I’ve gathered that you conceive of participating in the electoral process as the alpha and omega of political activity.”

Wrong… dumb assumption on your part.

“Doing politics means organizing at a grassroots level.”

OK. I was a volunteer organizer for years. I don’t have as much time to devote to it as I used to, but you can spare me your own self-righteous horseshit. Good on you for taking the time to organize, but you’re clearly just steering the subject away from voting so that you can feel morally superior somehow.

If you’re seriously suggesting that things haven’t gotten worse for immigrants under the Trump administration, that is not only delusional but downright insulting to immigrants and their families. Trump has made major changes to policy and enforcement, including:

- A “zero-tolerance” policy for illegal border crossings.

- Cancelled DACA protection for roughly 700k children of undocumented immigrants.

- Rescinded temporary protected status for hundreds of thousands of long-term displaced people.

- Cut the number of refugees 75%, from 85k admitted in Obama’s last year to about 21k in the last fiscal year — a 91% cut to Muslim refugee admissions, 63% cut to Christian refugees.

- The Muslim ban — a 60% cut to immigrant and travel visas for Muslim majority countries.

- ICE arrests are up by 30% as of last year.

- Trump and Sessions made cuts to *legal* immigration a requirement for any immigration reform package, and they’re demanding a 50% reduction in legal immigrant visas. The minimum that some Republicans are offering is eliminating 50,000 visas from the diversity lottery.

So yeah. Maybe rethink who should be sparing who the sermons here.

Written by

Volunteer organizer. Humanist. Pragmatist. Public health advocate. Global citizen. Living that ADHD life. Part of the Greatest Generation (Millennial).

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