You're right, the Democrats have given us no reason whatsoever to vote for them, except:

-a competent response to a global pandemic

-unemployment benefits

-economic stimulus that will keep people and small businesses alive

-Protection from climate change and invenstment in renewable energy

-Basic environmental regulations protecting our food and air

-long overdue criminal justice reform

-humane immigration policies

-a higher minimum wage

-cooperation with our global allies

-the preservation of constitutional democratic government

-and yes, universal healthcare similar to countries like Germany and Switzerland

Other than that, and dozens of other things, I can't think of any reason to vote for them over Twitler and the party of needless suffering. There's practically no difference.

Written by

Volunteer organizer. Humanist. Pragmatist. Public health advocate. Global citizen. Living that ADHD life. Part of the Greatest Generation (Millennial).

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